Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A few "Tid Bits" on saving some Big Dollars!

Hello All,

I hope everyone has survived this string of tornados and severe weather that came thru the mid west & south, I know things were crazy here in Bowling Green, KY last week. Please say a prayer for those whom have been affected by this severe weather.

 I have had a few tips for saving money that I would like to share with you. These tips came from the blog readers! So I have to give all the credit for today’s "tid bits" of tips to them...thank you!

 Take control of your cell bill don't let those cell companies give you a two year sentence anymore!

Straight talk from Verizon is a pre-paid cell phone plan that will allow you to go month to month without being stuck in a contract. I, personally previously thought the only way to get affordable cell phone plans were by signing a contract...and I used to work for AT&T part time on the side! Geez, I was fooled! One of you that follow the blog informed me of this prepaid plan that is way more affordable than what I am currently stuck paying! $45/month will get you unlimited talk/text/and web browsing, and for $30/month you can get 1000 minutes talk, 1000 texts, and a limited amount of web browsing! This is awesome! If I wasn't under a contract at this point I would be switching and trying out this plan....AND SAVING BIG DOLLARS!!!! The other cool thing is, you are not obligated to them, no contract and you still get to use the Verizon network! I'm pretty sure there are more pre-paid services out there that would compare...just check them out! Straight Talk can be purchased at Wal-Mart.

The credit for this "tid bit" of tips was given to me by an anonymous reader...thank you!

 More is less....in terms of dollars with insurance!

Auto insurance is a funny thing; I was told by one of my readers that she had been taking some of my advice on this saving money stuff and called her insurance company to inform them she was getting more quotes from other companies. She did, and the rates she was paying at her current company were comparable to what she got elsewhere...because she had only been with her current insurance company for a short time. Here is the where it gets good, they took it upon themselves to see if there was anyway she could save money, so they started to ask her questions, she was asked if she owned or rented...which she was renting. They added renters insurance and combined that with her auto insurance to "bundle" and her monthly premiums WENT DOWN by $6/month!!! All because she added renter's insurance.....so we are not mistaken her total premium for both auto and renters insurance was cheaper than what she was paying just for auto!!! This is amazing, and something that everyone should at lease ask about if they don't already bundle their types of insurance, or if there are renters out there who do not have renter's insurance because they are afraid of paying more money for it per month....it could save you money!

The credit for this "tid bit" of tips goes to Elaine Smith....thank you!

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